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Wireless Imaging

Medical-grade Wireless Imaging for the OR

NDS is the leading innovator of wireless imaging solutions for today's operating rooms. ZeroWire® and ZeroWire® Mobile provide the ultimate wireless, cable-free and cordless ecosystem that eliminates video and power cables. In combination ZeroWire and ZeroWire Mobile provide the ultimate performance in cable-free operation in procedure rooms. The ZeroWire ecosystem delivers enhanced safety, improved ergonomics, and enables greater flexibility. It is designed to give surgeons the low-latency performance and cable equivalent image quality they demand. Utilizing interference immune 60 GHz technology, it maintains a reliable video link that seamlessly coexists with other devices in the operating room.

Enhance Staff and Patient Safety

Cables and wires on the operating room floor can become tripping hazards and create an unsafe OR environment. NDS wireless technology reduces cables and improves OR safety.

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