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  • Breaking new ground, the first medical grade 4K wireless imaging solution
  • Low-latency performance with cable equivalent image quality
  • Interference immune 60 GHz transmission ensures in-room containment
  • All-in-one, dual-function, embedded transmitter and receiver
  • Intuitive, memory enabled pairing, enhances ease-of-use
  • Security encrypted signal ensures patient privacy
  • Benefits from the Radiance Ultra’s color accuracy and brightness

The ground-breaking ZeroWire 4K display represents a technological leap forward in OR imaging solutions. With the adoption of 4K in today’s digital OR, ZeroWire 4K extends your imaging chain without the restrictions, safety concerns, and costs of a 4K cabling infrastructure. By integrating exclusive 60 GHz wireless technology into NDS’s 4K imaging platform, a new gold standard in surgical visualization is attained.

*Commercially not yet available.

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