ZeroWire® Mobile

Zerowire mobile

ZeroWire® Mobile

Medical-Grade Battery Display Stand

The only medical-grade battery-powered display stand designed specifically for use in the endoscopy environment, ZeroWire Mobile can enhance ergonomics and staff safety. By eliminating display cables, and the need to clean and maintain cables, ZeroWire Mobile can minimize tripping hazards, and have the potential to reduce room turnaround times. The small footprint of ZeroWire Mobile also offers flexible positioning for both the physician and nurses.

ZeroWire Mobile supports two sealed and cleanable power modules to power an NDS display for up to five hours continuously. When the batteries run low, a visual and audible alarm indicates the need to hot-swap to a fully charged battery from a convenient wall-mounted charging system.

  • Optimized for endoscopy applications
  • Promotes ergonomics and safety
  • Small footprint in clinical space
  • Easy setup and maneuverability
  • Supports ZeroWire wireless
  • U.S. Patent pending solution
ZeroWire Mobile



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