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EndoVue® Displays

The EndoVue line delivers the image performance of a high-end endoscopy display at a value price. They are designed and built for medical use ensuring to ensure patient safety, clinical performance, and durability compared to non-medical grade displays. EndoVue displays accommodate both analog and digital signals from a variety of medical imaging sources.

High-end Endoscopy Performance at a Value Price

  • Medical-grade safety and durability.
  • Supports digital and analog signals in HD.
  • Sizes to fit any application.
  • Lightweight and maneuverable.
  • Fanless cooling.

EndoVue® Plus Displays Offer Additional Features for Advanced Applications and Incremental Value

  • 3G-SDI input supporting up to 1080p.
  • RS-232 control capability.
  • Protective optical filter with AR coating.

EndoVue Plus 4K Displays: One of the best Price-Performance Ratio on the market

  • Cost-effective 4K surgical visualization system.
  • Low latency to optimize camera performance.
  • BT. 2020 factory color calibration.
  • Protective optical filter with AR coating.
  • Supports all 4K video signal types.
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