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Serving medical imaging OEMs

NDS has over 25 years of clinical and technical expertise in the medical device industry. We are at the forefront of visualization, wireless, and OR Integration technologies. Offering a full spectrum of solutions, including standard off-the-shelf products, private labeled systems, and fully customized designs.

Standard off-the-shelf products

A full line of surgical displays designed to suit a wide range of applications. NDS also offers wireless solutions and OR integration components that seamlessly integrate into your imaging chain.

Private Labeled Systems

Leading endoscopy companies across the globe are proud to place their brand on solutions designed and engineered by NDS. Applying OEM branding to our technology results in a unique solution that is customized to your system.

Fully Customized Designs

Designed from the ground up to meet your exacting requirements results in solutions that uniquely meet the needs of your application. This encompasses exclusive industrial designs with custom hardware and software configurations.

What can we build for you today?

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