Ambulatory Surgical Center OR

Ambulatory Surgical Centre OR

ASCs have operating rooms on site that are not supported by those units you would expect in a typical tertiary hospital, such as, intensive care, recovery wards, blood banks etc. Consequently, the procedures tend to be low risk and draw on less resources such as imaging devices etc. Often, the patient is under local or regional anaesthetic and so is conscious of their surroundings.

A typical configuration could be:

Inputs Outputs
Endoscope CCU Surgeon monitor
Surgical light camera Assistant monitor
Ultrasound Recording device
Audio Ceiling speakers

The workflow would be a software application running on a server and the capture device would be required to pre-populate the case form with patient data and then attach images and clips, intraoperatively, in a report template with a DICOM wrapper and exchange that information on HL7 messaging after the case is closed. The subsequent report would either be paperless (PACS archived), or printed for immediate posting to the referring physician.

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