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Medical grade video scaling One device – multiple input options

The NDS ScaleORTM medical grade scaling devices enable healthcare provider and integrators to easily onboard analog and digital signals and integrate them into the digital OR data workflow.


  • Input modules DVI-D, 3G-SDI, VGA/RGB/SOG, S-video/Composite
  • Inputs are scaled and converted to 3 simultaneous output formats: 3G-SDI, DVI-D and optional DVI over single fiber
  • Output format selectable via dip switch setting or via OSD (on screen display menue)
  • Advanced features accessable like RGB gain, brightness, contrast, sturation, zoom and scaling settings


  • Seamless integration of legacy devices into the digital OR workflow
  • ScaleORTM can be physically attached directly to the imaging source such as a mobile x-ray unit
  • Medical grade allows for the placement in the patient vicinity
  • Future proven due to input card modularity


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