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Medical grade all-in-one Full HD video management and documentation system

With VIMA HD™ we have combined a video matrix with one of the leading pro-AV technologies HDBaseT to benefit from long distance high quality video & audio, controls and USB transmission and to provide power over ethernet and a 1G ethernet channel – all via 1 CAT cable.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Any 10 imaging sources, displayed on up to 8 destinations
  • Video I/O HDMI, 3G-SDI, CAT
  • DICOM MWL, push to PACS
  • Full-HD routing and recording
  • Medical grade


  • Zero latency and lossless video transmission 
  • Device & UI can be OEM branded
  • Medical grade allows for placement in the patient vicinity
  • Designed to enable rack and in-wall installations
  • Analog signal onboarding with ScaleOR
  • Bidirectional video and audio streaming with ExpandOR
  • HDBaseT as underlaying technolgy enables the use of PoE, the transmission of controls, USB 2.0 and offers a 1G ethernet channel
  • Open to use with all available HDBaseT codecs and switches


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