Radiance® G3 26"

Radiance G3

Radiance G3 26”

Advanced Endoscopy Visualization Platform

The Radiance G3 is an advanced third-generation display with high-output LED backlight technology that makes it the brightest 26” medical-grade display available. Ideally suited for use with today’s state-of-the-art endoscopy camera systems, the Radiance G3 displays video with near-zero-latency performance and exceptional color accuracy. The extremely high luminance level of the Radiance G3 can enhance endoscopic visualization by enabling deep abdominal illumination, overcoming glare and reflection in high ambient light environments. NDS’ patented Color Correction Technology ensures consistent image quality and accurate color reproduction over time.


  • Optimized for endoscopy applications
  • Advanced imaging capabilities
  • Proven third-generation platform
  • Exceptionally robust and reliable
  • High brightness and color calibrated
  • Low cost of ownership
Radiance G3 26”

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