Radiance® Ultra TruColor 32”


Radiance Ultra TruColor 32”

Premium Endoscopy Visualization

State-of-the-art TruColor technology maximizes a 1080p camera image to provide an endoscopic visualization experience that more accurately resembles anatomy the human eye would visualize during an open surgical procedure. Exclusively engineered over several years by NDS, TruColor technology enhances 1080p video to provide an expanded spectrum of exceptionally vivid colors that is more accurately aligned with the capabilities of human vision. TruColor with Medi-Match™ color calibration assures consistent image quality and accurate color reproduction. The result is a 1080p display with the next-generation color performance of a 4K display.

  • Optimized for 1080p endoscopy
  • Ultra-wide gamut color calibrated
  • Advanced imaging capabilities
  • Cleanable splash-proof design
  • 10-year scratch-resistant-glass guarantee
  • ZeroWire® embedded receiver optional


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