EndoVue® Displays

EndoVue 19"

The EndoVue® series delivers the image performance of a high-end endoscopy display at a value price.

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EndoVue 21"

The ideal display for medical professionals seeking to maximize their capital investment and upgrade aging monitors.

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EndoVue 24"

The EndoVue series is plug-and-play compatible with endoscopic camera systems from leading manufacturers.

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EndoVue 32”

EndoVue is a versatile visualization platform, supporting multi-modality medical imaging requirements.

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EndoVue Plus

EndoVue Plus 19”

The EndoVue Plus 19” display accomodates standard analog and digital HD-SDI and DVI-I high-definition signals from a variety of medical imaging sources.

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EndoVue Plus 24”

Offering HD-SDI and DVI inputs, EndoVue Plus displays support analog and digital signals from a variety of sources.

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