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ZeroWire Mobile TECHNOLOGY


For nearly all Endo/GI and minimally invasive surgical procedures, a secondary monitor is used. The secondary monitor is installed on a rolling stand and placed on the side of the patient opposite the endoscopy cart.  Typically, both power and video cables must run along the floor to be connected to the second monitor. The video cable must be routed under or around the patient to feed the video from the endoscopic camera to the second monitor (see diagram below). These cables are a challenge for a number of reasons:

  • Movement can be restricted for both the clinical staff and equipment, preventing ideal positioning.
  • Tripping hazards are introduced in the room.
  • Thorough cleaning of all the cables must be done to ensure sanitary conditions between procedures.
  • Cables and connectors are often damaged or strained increasing failure potentials.


NDS has engineered a revolutionary solution that can eliminate the need for cables and cords in the procedure room. Being previewed at MEDICA 2015, the ZeroWire® MOBILE Solution is one of the first battery powered mobile stands designed for use in the medical environment. The stand accommodates two completely sealed (liquid safe) hot-swappable batteries, which provide 5+ hours of continuous operation. When the batteries run low, a visual and audible alarm indicates the need to swap the battery with a freshly charged unit from the wall mounted charging system.

Eliminates cables in the procedure room, enhancing safety and ergonomics, while having the potential to improve efficiency and reduce room turnaround time.

Wireless Video Option

When used in combination with NDS ZeroWire® G2 wireless video technology, the complete package can eliminate all video and power cables that are typically connected to the secondary monitor. Also being previewed at MEDICA 2015, to be released in 2016, the Radiance Ultra 27” with embedded ZeroWire receiver will make the ideal complete package for endoscopic procedure rooms.

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