Look into Radiance Ultra TruColor today, and see the difference before you commit to 4K.

Radiance® Ultra TruColor technology introduces the next generation of high-definition 1080p endoscopic video imaging by providing an enhanced spectrum of vivid colors that is more accurately aligned with the capabilities of human vision. Combined with proprietary Medi-Match™ color calibration, the new Radiance Ultra TruColor 32” display technology enables consistent image quality and more accurate color reproduction. The result is a 1080p monitor with the next-generation color performance technology to rival that of a 4K display.

Radiance Ultra HDRadiance Ultra TruColor

TruColor Ultra-Wide-Gamut Technology

Engineered to expand the color gamut to broaden the range of colors an LCD display can produce, Radiance Ultra TruColor delivers a more true-to-life viewing experience to the surgical team. Innovating beyond the capabilities of the standard gamut of today’s typical HD imaging, the new TruColor ultra-wide-gamut technology provides visualization that more accurately resembles anatomy the human eye would visualize during an open surgical procedure.

This color gamut chart represents the full spectrum of color the human eye can visualize. TruColor expanded color range enhances the true-to-life viewing experience.


Extensive upgrade costs to 4K imaging can be eye-opening, involving the camera system, scopes, cabling, monitors and more. The new Radiance Ultra TruColor technology innovation gives you the opportunity to continue to utilize your current HD camera system and video equipment, while boosting the overall visualization experience with color performance that is worth comparing to 4K.

Radiance Ultra Series: Simply More

The Radiance Ultra series of premium endoscopy displays offers an array of intelligently designed features to bring you performance with a lower total cost of ownership. Engineered for excellence and simply unique only to the Radiance Ultra series:

  • Splash-proof and easy to clean edge-to-edge glass
  • 10-year exclusive scratch-resistant glass guarantee
  • ZeroWire wireless embedded video receiver option
  • Consistent color performance with Medi-Match™ calibration
  • High brightness to covercome glare and reflection
  • Digital and analog optional video platforms

The TruColor