Cost-effective, plug-and-play,
integrated OR solution

VIMA is a high-value solution that delivers state-of the-art video integration. An advanced signal routing, recording and image capture device designed for integrated operating room applications, VIMA utilizes the DICOM format which enables PACS worklist and archiving functionality. Innovative HDBaseT architecture enables long-range uncompressed video transmission up to 100m over network cabling with no loss in image quality. User-friendly, icon-based touchscreen menus simplify the challenges of multi-source image management. The ScaleOR and Radiance Ultra HDBaseT displays complete the VIMA-enabled HDBaseT EcoSystem.

At the heart of OR integration

VIMA is designed to solve the complex connectivity challenges of the modern integrated OR. High-performance 4K video routing of 10 inputs to 8 outputs can all be easily managed through a simple, built-in interface.

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Total control at your fingertips

User-friendly, icon-based menus put OR integration at your fingertips. Intuitive touchscreen control, auto-populating sources & destinations, and configurable simplicity help streamline the OR workflow. Medical-grade touch panel options allow near-patient placement.

The power of HDBaseT technology

As an alternative to expensive and fragile fiber optic cable, HDBaseT technology offers long-distance uncompressed signal transmission using low-cost robust network cabling. An additional benefit of HDBaseT is that it supports Power over Ethernet (PoE). This enables auxiliary devices to be powered over the same cable used for transmitting video, reducing the number and complexity of connections.

DICOM/PACS Archiving

Using VIMA’s icon-based, user-friendly touchscreen menus, video and still images can be captured in DICOM format and securely transferred to the PACS system for archiving. VIMA captures video at a life-like 60 Hz frame rate, providing image review at the original refresh rate. With the functionality of interfacing with the hospital’s information system to retrieve the DICOM worklist, VIMA helps minimize manual data entry and promotes efficient and accurate workflow.

Telemedicine & teleconference – local, global, secure

Utilizing HDBaseT technology, images can be shared for collaboration with another physician, audience or pathologist within the facility. VIMA—when combined with NDS’ medical-grade ExpandOR multi-node IP streaming device—enables telemedicine functionality within an intranet network.

Simplifying multiple signal formats

To accommodate non-standard analog and digital image sources, NDS’ medical-grade ScaleOR can be used as a companion device, enabling signals to be converted to a standard HD format then routed through VIMA to any of its eight destinations or recorded.

Designed to reduce
complexity and cost